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Treatment Description

Age Element Mesoestetic is an innovative, personalized, and comprehensive medical-cosmetic anti-aging treatment.

3 active ingredients with anti-aging properties:
• Shikimic acid – Prolongs cell lifespan. Activates SIRT1 proteins, the proteins of youth.
•Oleuropein – Moisturizes, firms, densifies. Increases expression of structural genes such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.
• Isoquercetin – Strong antioxidant. Protects the skin from free radicals, brightens it.

Who can benefit?
Perfect for a person with:
• Uneven skin tone
• Loss of firmness and density
• Wrinkles
• Dehydrated skin

What does the treatment entail?

1. Skin preparation – Cleansing and makeup removal phase.
2. Stimulation – Preparing the skin to enhance and accelerate the absorption of active ingredients.
3. Activation – Application of ampoules tailored individually to each patient and specialized massage.
4. Strengthening – Application of a mask to increase the activation phase.
5. Diagnosis – Analyzing factors contributing to skin aging, determining individual therapy, and home care to prolong the effects of in-office treatment.

Results of the Age Element Mesoestetic:

• Brightening and revitalizing the skin
• Reduction of wrinkles
• Moisturized and nourished skin
• Firming and improving skin elasticity

Me Professional Age Element
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