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Service Description

For vibrant, long-lasting color, indulge in our Gel Color Pedicure service. Experience the perfect blend of style and durability.

Who can benefit?
Perfect for:
• Individuals in search of enduring, meticulous foot care and pampering.
• Those wishing to revitalize and invigorate tired feet for a long-lasting effect.
• Anyone seeking a flawless and polished appearance with durable gel color for their nails.

What does the complete Gel Color/ Gel Nails Pedicure entail?

Shaping and Forming the Nails: Begin with expert nail shaping to achieve your desired look.
Chose your 4 step pedicure system with fragrance of your choice (seasalt, sugar scrub, mud masque, massage butter).
Foot Bath: Indulge in a soothing foot bath to soften and prepare your skin.
Cuticle and Callus Care: Gentle removal of excess cuticles and calluses to reveal smooth, refreshed skin.
Exfoliation: Enjoy a gentle exfoliating treatment to leave your feet feeling renewed and rejuvenated.
• Relaxing Massage: Complete the exfoliation process with a relaxing massage.
Color Application/ Gel Application: Choose from our wide range of gel nail polishes for a flawless finish.
Paraffin Socks from Alessandro: Expertly formulated to deeply nourish your feet, leaving them exquisitely soft and rejuvenated.

Basic quick

Push back cuticles + shorten nails + polish toenails + massage in foot cream + nail oil


Pedicure base + foot bath + cuticle removal + callus removal + peeling + foot cream + massage in nail oil

SPA Nobel

Nail shaping + foot bath + cuticle removal +
callus removal + polishing toenails + peeling + paraffin socks Alessandro with OPI SPA + 15min massage


Pedicure base + foot bath + cuticle removal + callus removal + Nobel Shine (perfect after gel removal or shellac removal, for a strong, healthy, shiny and natural nail) + peeling + paraffin socks Alessandro

Results of the Gel Color Pedicure:

• Long-lasting color
• Chip-resistant
• Renewed, refreshed skin
• Professional Finish

Gel Color Gel Nails
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