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Treatment Description

Experience the ultimate depigmentation solution with our Cosmelan Treatment, a highly efficient method targeting pigment spots for comprehensive elimination and long-lasting results.

Perfect for addressing:
• Melasma
• Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
• Solar lentigo
• Senile lentigo

What does the treatment entail?

Cosmelan® is the authentic and professional depigmentation method designed to remove existing skin spots and prevent their reappearance, delivering both short and long-term results. Developed by mesoestetic®, the pioneers in skin depigmentation.

The Cosmelan peel consists of a multi-stage treatment procedure.
• The initial step, an intense depigmentation treatment, is conducted in the clinic
• At our clinic, a skilled professional will commence by cleansing your face thoroughly before gently applying the mask.
• Following the in-clinic treatment, we provide you with an after-treatment kit and detailed instructions for the at-home portion of the procedure.
• To remove the peel at home, it’s recommended to use a gentle cleanser along with ample water to ensure complete removal of the mask.
• After removing the mask, apply any prescribed cream suggested by the dermatologist.
• Consistent application of the prescribed cream multiple times a day for at least two weeks is advised to achieve optimal results.

Results of the Cosmelan:

• Reduction of stubborn discolorations
• Skin rejuvenation
• Minimazing appearance of wrinkles
• Improved skin texture


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