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Treatment Description

Our Business Facial is an essential solution for individuals struggling with impure skin and seeking to restore balance to their skin.

We proudly collaborate with Mesoestetic – an epitome of innovation and quality in the beauty industry.

Our treatment features their premium products and advanced formulas, carefully selected to deliver exceptional results.

Who can benefit?
Perfect for those struggling with:
• Occasional breakouts or persistent blemishes
• Excess oil and clogged pores
• Uneven skin texture and tone

What does the treatment entail?

1. Cleansing – Thorough removal of impurities and makeup to prepare the skin.
2. Exfoliation – Gentle yet effective exfoliation to unclog pores and refine skin texture.
3. Steam – Opening of pores for deeper cleansing and relaxation.
4. Deep Cleansing (Optional) – Targeted extraction to further purify the skin.
5. Massage – Stimulating massage to boost circulation and promote healing.
6. Mask and Ampoule – Hydrating mask and active ingredient ampoule application to target imperfections and enhance skin clarity.

Results of the Business Facial:

• Revitalized and balanced skin
• Reduced likelihood of future breakouts
• Increased confidence and a radiant complexion, ideal for professional success.

Treatment Business Facial

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