Acne Peel Treatment

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Treatment Description

Combat acne and seborrhea-prone skin with our Acne Peel Treatment, a professional cosmetic method meticulously developed by Mesoestetic Pharma Group for intensive acne treatment.
The new mesopeel® formulas have been enriched with a unique peptide with strong regenerative and senolytic properties, which ensures faster skin regeneration after exfoliating treatments.

Who can benefit?
Perfect for addressing:
• Acne breakouts
• Seborrhea-prone skin
• Various triggers of acne

What does the treatment entail?

Our Acne Peel Treatment takes a multidisciplinary approach to tackle acne triggers, combining intensive professional treatment in the clinic with subsequent home maintenance using a complete acne product line.
Our skilled beauticians utilize the Acne Peeling system package, which contains the necessary products for 5 sessions in the clinic. Sessions are spaced with 10 to 15 day intervals, tailored to the individual’s skin sensitivity and recovery ability, as determined by the esthetician.

Results of the Acne Peel Treatment:

• Improved skin clarity and renewal
• Reduction in excess oil production
• Decreased inflammation and redness associated with acne
• Refined pores and smoother skin texture
• Prevention of breakouts
• Minimized Scarring

Acne Peel Treatment

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